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Based on "Hello World" using OpenOffice 3 sample code I have managed to create the Open Office text file from C#. But I still couldn't find a way to set page size and margins. Any clue how this can be done?

Thank you

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I finally found out, so if anyone needs in the future, the code is here:

        XStyleFamiliesSupplier xSupplier = (XStyleFamiliesSupplier)xComponent;
        XNameContainer xPageStyleCollection = (XNameContainer)xSupplier.getStyleFamilies().getByName("PageStyles").Value;
        XPropertySet xPropertySet = (XPropertySet)xPageStyleCollection.getByName("Default").Value;
        xPropertySet.setPropertyValue("LeftMargin", new Any((Int32)(5000))); //mm
        xPropertySet.setPropertyValue("RightMargin", new Any((Int32)(9000))); //mm
        xPropertySet.setPropertyValue("TopMargin", new Any((Int32)(6000))); //mm
        xPropertySet.setPropertyValue("BottomMargin", new Any((Int32)(7000))); //mm
        xPropertySet.setPropertyValue("Width", new Any((Int32)(25000))); //mm
        xPropertySet.setPropertyValue("Height", new Any((Int32)(21000))); //mm
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