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I have an application which works only on Landscape mode, and the rootViewController of the application window is a UISplitViewController. Now, I want a new viewController to be presented as a modal view controller that support both orientations (landscape and portrait). I have set the supported orientations in plist as Landscape only. However I have set all orientations in the new view controller. But, the orientations in not changing to portrait, may be because of the orientations specified in the plist.

What I basically want, is to have all the views in the application in landscape mode and just a single view in both orientations. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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shouldAutorotateToInterfaceOrientation will tell the app to orient or not so what we can do here is have a flag which will tell to auto rotate or not. initially flag is false. but when you present a model view controller set it to true. and as it disappears set it to false again. this may do the trick you can also refer this

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