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I'm writing a gedit plugin for gtk3. Is there an easy way to get the name of the current document using python ?

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Here is a very good tutorial on writing gedit 3 plugins. The example #3 does what you want: connect to a "open new tab" signal and write the document name.

And here you have the complete Gedit API reference.

handler_id = self.window.connect("tab-added", self.on_tab_added)


def on_tab_added(self, window, tab, data=None):
    document = tab.get_document()
    print "'%s' has been added." % document.get_short_name_for_display()
    print "New file's path: %s" % document.get_uri_for_display()
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Cheers. It would be nice if they had a reference in python as it would be clearer to see as a python developer. –  Stuart Axon Jan 16 '13 at 13:40
Get used to read the C documentation, is the best documented. And, as the python binding is automatically generated, it's very easy to "translate" from C to python: (C) gedit_document_goto_line (doc,line) -> (python) doc.goto_line (line) –  César García Tapia Jan 16 '13 at 13:48

Someone here may know, but I think you'd improve your chances of getting an answer by asking on the gedit mailing list.


There's also a GEdit python plugin howto on the GNOME wiki.

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