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If a do a select and only retrieve a few columns, the results are printed to the terminal, if I have more columns, and they do not fit in the terminal width, the query results are opened in the default editor (vim), but when I exit the editor the results are no longer visible.

I know I can user \x (but I have many rows, and for my it's seems worst ).
If I change the format to unaligned, html, latex or troff-ms even if the results are wider then the terminal width they are still printed.

When the resulted rows do not fit in the terminal height they are always opened in the default EDITOR, no mater what format I am using.

There is any posibility to use format=aligned and allways print the results instead of opening them in the default EDITOR, so I will not loose their visibility (something similar to what mysql-client does) ?

Thank you.

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According to psql manpage but also common sense, EDITOR is used for \e and \ef commands, not for displaying results. Are you sure you're not confusing it with PAGER? – Daniel Vérité Jan 16 '13 at 12:14
@DanielVérité I did not know that, but based on your comment I solved my problem with: \pset pager off , If you put it in an answer, I can vote up & accept the answer. Thanks – Radu Maris Jan 16 '13 at 14:03
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The query results are passed to the PAGER program when they don't fit in the screen, unless it's disabled with \pset pager off. EDITOR is used for input.

Some pagers restore the previous display when they quit, and it can be quite irritating when you need to use previous results in further queries.

I've found PAGER="less -FX" to be a good fit with psql since it allows scrolling in both directions and keeps the display intact when it quits.

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