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How can i check in ruby length of string, it's range, something like:


I'm new to ruby, how to code such code, for if check?

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You almost got it:

 (5..20).cover? s_query.length
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Also s_query.length.between?(5,20)

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check this

s_query.length.between?(5, 20)
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Here's something to meditate on:

(5 .. 10) === 'hello world'.length # => false
(5 .. 10) === 'foo bar'.length # => true

This works because === is defined in Range to return a Boolean true/false whether the right side is within the left-side range.

From the documentation:

rng === obj → true or false click to toggle source

Returns true if obj is an element of the range, false otherwise. Conveniently, === is the comparison operator used by case statements.

case 79
when 1..50   then   print "low\n"
when 51..75  then   print "medium\n"
when 76..100 then   print "high\n"


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