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I am creating a mobile website using jquery mobile+ MVC4.net. There are 3 separate modules with their own individual views and controllers.

In one module I call a service which generates PDF reports; this process takes approx 5 min so I show a status indicator and remove the indicator once I get a response. This all works well and it doesn't hang the UI, user can navigate and do operations.

The problem comes when user navigates to another module. I don't know how I can get the status of the thread which is in running state when it is moved to another controller as the thread will be lost if I move to other View/Controller.

Is there any way I can achieve this?

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This seems a bit Micky Mouse but clearly there is a need. Two possible options:

  1. Maintain your thread model but instead have the monitoring thread send updates to a database and then have your client occasionally check the database.
  2. Consider a solution that utalizes SignalR. The reporting thread could notify the client.


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Thanks Andleer..can there be any other alternatives like using Web service notification or WCF Polling duplex...learning Signal-R at this point will be bit difficult due to less time. –  sajesh Nambiar Jan 18 '13 at 8:23

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