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i've a rooted tablet with low ram and low cpu performance. This tablet must run one and only one application ( the root make it possible disabling user to do other than use the application ). I need to ease that tablet killing some processes that are not necessary ( Example: MediaScanner ) and that take some cpu to execute. Which processes can i kill to free ram and cpu of my tablet?

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I think that you better can disable the processes in init.d, so the programs don't start up at all. It's much cleaner than killing the processes. I don't know what tablet you have but you can search if a AOSP (Android Open Source Project) is availeble, it's a ROM without any extra features (such as TouchWiz, widgets ect)

You can always safely disable processes with Startup Manager. Gmail, Media Scanner, Yahoo Widgets, Pulse ect. are not necesary for Android to function correctly, but you'll be better of installingen a clean rom or removing the applications, be carefull!

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