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We are trying to record Oracle 11i forms using OATS when the forms are launched from web Interface the browser crashes.Even we couldn't capture the element id's also.

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I have come across these kind of issues working with OATS for over 6+ years across different projects :)

One of the major reason would be the right JInitiator to be installed and I would recommend to go with OATS 12.1 version, as we were successful using it especially with Oracle 11i Forms.

I would also recommend to perform the following actions before proceeding:

  1. Clear Java Cache, if any other java is installed.
  2. Clear JInitiator Cache
  3. Make sure Openscript IDE is run as administrator all the times.
  4. Clear all files and folders in temp folders
  5. Clear java related folders in %APPDATA%
  6. Clear browser cache

I would recommend you to go through the OATS compatibility with JAVA, Operating System and browsers

If you are ok to go on a screen share, I can help you fix this as well, I have done this for quite a few people already. reach me out @ testingtools.co blog

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Need to Install the Jinitiator and the latest OATS version the IE latest versions 8 or later.To capture the element id's this process is working good.

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Usually the Apps takes some time to load and while loading, it could through some timeout or forms load exceptions.

You can over-ride that by changing the OpenScript playback settings (in the openscript developer perspective)-

tools -> Openscript Preference

Under Play Back - Error Recovery -> (Scroll down) Oracle EBS/Forms Functional Test

Change the Forms Connect Error - > Ignore (from default Fail)

This will make sure OpenScript waits for the forms to load ignoring all the timeout & other forms load related exception.

Alternatively, you can achieve the same using the error recovery method - getSettings().setErrorRecovery()

Note- Please have some time-bound to check whether forms are loads with a max time. If not you may end-up with some infinite loop if the forms are not getting loaded due to IE/Java issues.

Hope this helps your issue!

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Kill all the JRE Process running in the system via Windows Task Manager every time before you run the script and it's always strongly suggested that you Run Openscript as Administrator.

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