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I'm using the ttk Treeview widget to implement a folder/path selection dialog. It's all working as expected except that my horizontal scrollbar won't activate. No matter how wide the folder path goes horizontally, and no matter how narrow the window, the horizontal slider never appears. Vertical scrolling is working perfectly though.

I'm figuring it's either some kind of limitation when you only use one column in the treeview, or just a newbie mistake with configuring and connecting the widgets. I'd bet on the latter.

Example with dialog widened to show full folder depth:

full width

Dialog narrowed to the point where horizontal scrolling should activate (but doesn't):

narrowed width

Here's my GUI layout code:

winDirSel = tk.Toplevel()
winDirSel.title('Select Test Directory...')
tvwDirSel = ttk.Treeview(winDirSel,
lblTestDir = tk.Label(winDirSel, relief=tk.SUNKEN,
                      justify=tk.LEFT, anchor=tk.W,
scbHDirSel = ttk.Scrollbar(winDirSel,
scbVDirSel = ttk.Scrollbar(winDirSel,
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It doesn't fully work across platforms, indeed. What you can do is setting a minwidth parameter per column, as well as playing with stretch=False. It is buggy in this regard. – mmgp Jan 17 '13 at 1:14
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OK, after some playing with minwidth and stretch, I think I have a better handle on it. The horizontal scrolling is triggered by the column-edge going out of the window's bounds, not the content of the column. So you can use these parameters to force the column to be wider and thus force the scrolling.

The problem though is that you then lose the automatic adjustment of the column width to suit the width of the tree itself. You either have to force it very wide to accommodate any (assumed) likely folder depth, or you live with folder names getting truncated at the right boundary of the column.

So bottom line: it's just a limitation of the widget itself. (At least with respect to its behavior on my platform, MS Windows.)

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