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I want to edit this line of input and add some more values to the Product_A Key.


I have the below ant replaceregex line.

replaceregexp file="../cms-distribution/src/main/properties/editorial/common/" flags="s" match="Product_A:([^\.]*)([;])?" replace="Product_A:,${uid}\1" byline="true"/>

This does the job except the results produced :


It inserts a + symbol from nowhere and secondly it replaces the original value that was present in Product_A. I want to append to the original value with a comma. How do i do this? Any help appreciated.


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I don't know a thing about ant and how it handles regex but I think the problem relies on the regex. You have an string


and a regex


The ; matches till the last appearance of the character ;, thus not matching only the value under Product_A, see it yourself here.

However, if you now that the value at Product_A key will always be an 8 digit string you can use this regex:


The match group inside the () will capture the code, this is as much as I can help you, maybe this answer Replacing characters in Ant property helps.

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