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We recently had to change our link structure so I need to set up some redirects for people coming into the site from search engines.

I can use this link, which would be the URL if you were to dig through the site: http://www.farmtek.com/farm/supplies/cat1;ft_ag_growing_supplies-ft_greenhouse_equipment-ft_greenhouse_covering;ft_greenhouse_plastic_covering.html

or shorten it to: http://www.farmtek.com/farm/supplies/cat1a;ft_greenhouse_plastic_covering.html

Both links will land you on the category of 'Greenhouse Polyethylene Film' The difference for humans is that they will see the breadcrumb in the long link. The difference for search bots would be that the words of the master category and its sub-categories might provide a SEO bump. (ie greenhouse equipment, greenhouse covering, growing supplies)

So my question is..... Setting everything else aside... Would there be any argument for using the short link?

Part of me thinks that the extra words (keywords) in the long URL would help SEO. But part of me thinks that Google would prefer the short link.

Which one of me is right? lol Thanks.

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The best SEO is your honesty. Put yourself in shoes of your customer and look at the links. The shorter one is of course better because it is friendlier. –  ogggre Jan 16 '13 at 14:13

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When it comes to URL structure and more technical aspects of SEO, the best practice is to use the same guidelines when building links: be honest, clear and direct.

If I were you, I'd be using a shorter, specific URL structure, as in the second example you provided. You repeat 'greenhouse' three times in the first example, which isn't going to do much but make you appear spammy.

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Google Webmaster Guidelines clearly says that

A site's URL structure should be as simple as possible.

It seems to be very tempting to put as much information to URL as possible, however, that is not always the best way to go. Bear in mind that URL structure is not the only thing which decides about ranking of your site.

  • If you have several different links pointing to the same page, you should consider 301 redirects to the default page.

301 redirects are particularly useful if people access your site through several different URLs (link)

  • If you want to keep both (or more) links without 301 redirects, consider adding canonical link to the preferred version of a set of pages with highly similar content (I've noticed that your website misses canonical links).

I would also recommend going through Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide.

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