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Is it removes object from superview or just hides that object?

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If you mean what happens to viewController that is already pushed to stack than - to answer your question navigationController "hides" it. Controller's view disappears, but stays loaded. –  krafter Jan 16 '13 at 14:20

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Check the docs :) Its adding it to the stack, not removing it. popViewControllerAnimated: removes it.

The object in the viewController parameter becomes the top view controller on the navigation stack. Pushing a view controller results in the display of the view it manages. How that view is displayed is determined by the animated parameter. If the animated parameter is YES, the view is animated into position; otherwise, the view is simply displayed in place. The view is automatically resized to fit between the navigation bar and toolbar (if present) before it is displayed.

In addition to displaying the view associated with the new view controller at the top of the stack, this method also updates the navigation bar and tool bar accordingly. In iOS 3.0 and later, the contents of the built-in navigation toolbar are updated to reflect the toolbar items of the new view controller. For information on how the navigation bar is updated, see “Updating the Navigation Bar.”


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