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I have a question regarding constructing an interpolated map using PC axes. I have used the package maps and akima for drawing the map and interpolation. Here is my code:

map<-read.table("RACES_GEOREF.txt", row.names=1)
x0<-seq(min(map[,1]), max(map[,1]), le=500)
y0<-seq(min(map[,2]), max(map[,2]),le=500)
z.hat<-interp(x, y, z, xo=x0, yo=y0, linear=FALSE, extrap=TRUE)
temp<-map.where(database="world", x=myGrid[,1], y=myGrid[,2])
toKeep<-grep("France",temp, ignore.case=TRUE)
toRemove<-setdiff(1:length(z.hat$z), toKeep)
map(add=TRUE, lwd=3)
contour(temp, add=TRUE)

In the grep part, I can only plot the interpolated map for France while I want to do it for France, Germany, UK, Sweden, Italy and Morocco. How can I add these countries to France?

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I belive that with grep you will need to do something like this:

toKeep<-c(grep("France",temp, ignore.case=TRUE),grep("Germany",temp, ignore.case=TRUE),grep("UK",temp, ignore.case=TRUE),grep("Sweden",temp, ignore.case=TRUE),grep("Italy",temp, ignore.case=TRUE),grep("Morocco",temp, ignore.case=TRUE))

because grep just return the position in the vector where the name matches.

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Dwin's solution is much better, but I would propose to use an apply loop instead of just repeating the command, e.g. something like: sapply(c("France", "Germany", etc), grep, temp, ignore.case = TRUE). –  Paul Hiemstra Jan 16 '13 at 19:11

You could try to use the OR operator in regex:

toKeep<-grep("France|Germany|UK|Sweden|Italy|Morocco", temp, ignore.case=TRUE)

If I am correct in this you really should change the title of the question since the issue does not appear to be about the interpolation process but about selection of named regions.

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