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In this code dolist binds x to symbols 'foo and 'bar.

(dolist (x '(foo bar))
  (print (symbolp x) t))

This is a problem if I want to use values of foo and bar, like:

(dolist (x '(foo bar))
  (print x t))

How to get around it?

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Whether the values of foo and bar are known at compile-time is totally irrelevant for dolist, because the LIST argument is not evaluated until runtime. You could, of course, write a broken macro where that is different. – Dmitry Jan 18 '13 at 6:36
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x is bound to the symbols foo and bar because '(foo bar) is a list containing the symbols foo and bar. If you want a list that contains the values of the variables foo and bar, you can use (list foo bar).

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