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I put my files on my VPS and user can direct download all files. but I want to hide my actual file paths and make time limited download links. I googled it and find some solutions but most of them was for files that were on same server and some of them has some coding in VPS side, but i can't write any php code on my VPS because it doesn't support php. also I try some script that works well but generated link wasn't resumable and didn't show file size until download finished. How can I solve these problems?

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if you have a VPS You should have root access to it? If so, make it support PHP by installing php5? and if this is done through PHP you will require the use of a database, to contain all the path, filename, download count and time remaining. – Daryl Gill Jan 16 '13 at 15:03

You could use mod_auth_token (http://code.google.com/p/mod-auth-token/) apache module, if you are running apache as web frontend. This is how you can handle the PHP side of the token generation process:

// Settings to generate the URI
$secret = "secret string";             // Same as AuthTokenSecret
$protectedPath = "/downloads/";        // Same as AuthTokenPrefix
$ipLimitation = false;                 // Same as AuthTokenLimitByIp
$hexTime = dechex(time());             // Time in Hexadecimal
//$hexTime = dechex(time()+120);         // Link available after 2 minutes      
$fileName = "/file_to_protect.txt";    // The file to access

// Let's generate the token depending if we set AuthTokenLimitByIp
if ($ipLimitation) {
  $token = md5($secret . $fileName . $hexTime . $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']);
else {
  $token = md5($secret . $fileName. $hexTime);

// We build the url
$url = $protectedPath . $token. "/" . $hexTime . $fileName;
echo $url;
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If you cant make changes to the actual downloadlinks they will stay available for download until they are deleted from the server. Of course you can make a Script which encrypts the download URL based on the system time, but once the user calls them within time he gets the decrypted URL from the script.

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