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I'm working on application, and now I need to identify users via facebook, twitter, gmail or google plus account.

I've found a way for Facebook, there is nice SDK and everything is well documented.

Is there some quick way to integrate twitter, gmail and google plus?

I've currently reading this:

But I only get progress bar that says "Signing in...", and nothing just stays on screen.

 if (!mPlusClient.isConnected()) {
                if (mConnectionResult == null) {
                } else {
                    try {
                    } catch (SendIntentException e) {
                        // Try connecting again.
                        mConnectionResult = null;

Also I've noticed this in logcat:

I/GmsClient(31431): connect: bindService returned false for Intent { }

What I'm doing wrong with Google+?

I've registered my app and everything?

I think some code is missing in tutorial after;

Is there a full tutorials for those social networks...I only need sign in procedure, so I can receive first name and second name of the user, maybe email address.


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