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I am validating my css for all the browsers, using browserstack to get a preview of each browser.

I was really surprise and angry to discover that my font-faces just don't work on... IE10. Everything is just perfect with fonts in ie7, ie8 and ie9.

But now way to have it working on IE10.

Here is the design: http://custom-design.ch/_wp/viotrain/template/

Could you check in on a real IE10 browser (not browserstack's one) and tell me: -if the problem aslo happen with the real version -if you have any solution to fix this problem which make me crazy :(

Thank you for your help! And may all the internet explorer developers die in horrible suffering :D


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Note: I used the fontsquirrel font-face generator to implement my fonts . –  daviddarx Jan 16 '13 at 15:41

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It works fine for me in IE!0 on Windows 8. Both desktop and Metro UI, for the latoregular and lobsterregular fonts.

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Thank you for your both answers! I finally wrote to browserstack just to be sure and the mistake was due to their version of IE1O! Everything is fine then! –  daviddarx Jan 22 '13 at 19:53

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