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We are currently working on an NLP project and in need of a corpus that is intended to be extracted from We are expecting the output as a couple of types: comment and the rating of that comment. My question is:

  • Is there any crawling tool best for this purpose? It must be easy to use and python is preferred. Beautiful Soup is what I found but I wanted to ask it here for any other recommendations.

  • Is there any complete tool just for this purpose? I mean a program that is written for

  • Any other recommendation regarding data(comment/rating) crawling from giant web-sites will be appreciated.

The corpus will be used in sentiment analysis for university research and we need to crawl it as soon as possible.

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For python you can use scrapy, that is a proficient crawler framework,

In addition, I invite you to share the data collected by you. If the tripadvisor data is already ready, you wouldn't need to crawl. Or at least, you can share crawler scripts.

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The data is not ready, but to be crawled as soon as possible. When the data is ready, I can share the data, but are you sure about scrapy? What you think about beautiful-soup? @Muatik – clancularius Jan 21 '13 at 13:31
I think scrapy is more decent framework for the crawling web task. Beautiful-soap is not the same thing, not a crawler framework. Event though you don't use scrapy, beautiful-soup or something like these; you can still be able to crawl by fetching web page and then using just regex. – Muatik Jan 23 '13 at 13:03
any updates ??? – minocha Feb 10 '14 at 8:07

Answers to your questions in the respective order:

  • What you need is a Web Scraping tool. A crawler automates the process of navigating through pages whereas a scraper converts the HTML in to structured data. There are many tools available in different platforms. No idea about Beautiful Soup. Are you designing the Scraper or will buy it?

  • You can get ready made corpus or make a Web Scraper according to your customized needs. You can Request your Data or Write a Scraper manually using ScraperWiki. I don't know the structure of your data but some data can be scraped using Google Spreadsheet. You can see that here. Just see what type of data is scraped and if it is analogous to your data then you can use it.

  • Some sites or their particular directories cannot be crawled. You can check their robots.txt to know about the same. Also read the policy of the site before crawling data from it.

You have not asked but here are some free tools for sentiment analysis.

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