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I'm tearing my hair out trying to get Wordpress to give me a menu item to go to "latest posts." They come up on the frontpage, but once I navigate away, I want a menu item to get back there. It seems so obvious, but several hours later, the best I could do was create a custom menu with a link to "uncategorised" as a workaround. There MUST be a better way! And this way, I get a box saying "Archive of posts filed under the Uncategorized category. " Not wanted!

Please help!

KInd regards,


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When you click on "View All" within the Pages Box on the side in your Menus Screen, is there a "Home : Home" Option? – maiorano84 Jan 16 '13 at 16:13
If not, have you tried creating a Custom Link to your Front Page URL? – maiorano84 Jan 16 '13 at 16:49

Create a custom page in your template directory ( with a custom query (check at, or

Create a page in your admin and select the template you created.

Add a link to this page in your menu and you're done.

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Thanks, but this sounds a bit daunting, and beyond my skill. I'm sure most blogs I've seen do this automatically - click on "home" and you're back to the homepage with the most recent posts on it. What am I missing here? For somereason I can't set frontpage and posts page the same on settings>reading. I feel like giving up. Such a basic thing and a whole day wasted! Is the solution above the only one? I'm not sure I can get my head around it! – Robin ANDREWS Jan 16 '13 at 15:43
You can also edit the archive.php page template and change the content inside h1 tags (<h1>change content here</h1>). You will have a different title for your category page and won't find "Archive of posts filed under the Uncategorized category. ". That will do. – Louis XIV Jan 16 '13 at 16:35

Maybe this will help:

It's a filter that will 'search and replace' placeholder anchors such as '#latestpost1' with the actual url of the latest post, and thus dynamically modify the menu before it's rendered.

I'm not sure how this is for SEO, but it's a clever solution.

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