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I am planning to implement the Cache in the web application.

I have already used the Hibernate EHCache in one of my previous web application.

Now a days, recently i came to know that in latest Spring release there is Cache Abstraction layer.

Hence i would like to is it just wrapper of Hibernate EHCache or it is Cache features provided by Spring itself.

If different then would like to know which is best or better option to use Cache ?

Also, i came to know from few articles that Hibernate EHCache not supporting clustering, is it ? Because clustering required for big Web Application.

I have used Spring 3.1 and Hibernate 3.3 in Web Application.

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Hibernate and EHCache are different things.

EHCache is the cache provider, i.e. the actual implementation of the cache.

Hibernate can use multiple different providers for the L2 cache, including EHCache.

Spring Cache is a framework for caching method calls. It can use multiple different providers, including EHCache.

EHCache offers distribution (clustering) in several modes, from basic JMS-driven synchronization to Terracotta BigMemory distribution. Hibernate L2 cache should support clustering.

Spring Cache has nothing to do with Hibernate, but you can use Hibernate L2 cache and Spring Cache (method caching) in parallel with EHCache as the underlying provider for both.

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