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I'm undertaking a Augment Reality project in Android platform,which to do something like http://www.direct-optic.fr/essai-virtuel-lunettes-troisd/,that is to recognise eyes then generate glasses for user to see the Effect. Currently I have down the first to recognise eyes using OpenCV2.4.1,but encounter a problem that I don't know how to use camera as a texture in OpenGL ES. I have bulid the glass model using 3DMax with the format of .obj,trying to import it in OpenGL ES. So I wonder if there is someone can give some demo of how to do it. TI company have down it,but i don't know the details. follow is the link: http://www.t-immersion.com/trylive/trylive-eyewear.

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check out how the vuforia sample apps do it here

its an augmented reality api that uses the camera as a background texture

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