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I would like to allow user to edit their account, and only their account, without using Devise and / or Cancan.

I have the following in application_controller :

helper_method :current_user
helper_method :require_proprio


def current_user
  @current_user ||= User.find(session[:user_id]) if session[:user_id]

def require_proprio
    unless current_user == (params[:id])
        render :file => "#{Rails.root}/public/422", :status => 500

Here's the users_controller :

before_filter :require_proprio , :only => [ :edit, :update]

But when I'm connected with the user.id = 10, for example, I can't access to the page http://localhost:3000/users/10/edit. The page public/422 appears. I tried also to access http://localhost:3000/users/11/edit, and the result is the same (public/422).

Does someone have an idea of the way I can resolve it ? Thanks

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unless current_user == (params[:id])

current_user is an object, so this will never be true. Try:

unless current_user.id == params.fetch(:id).to_i
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It works. Thank you so much. I have to wait ten minutes to accept your answer. So I'll be back in 11 minutes. –  GrégoireC Jan 16 '13 at 15:33

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