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How can something like the following be done in a PHP script?

      $result1 = task1() or break;
      $result2 = task2() or break;

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From the PHP help doco you can specify a function that is called after exit() but before the script ends.

Feel free to check the doco for more info http://us3.php.net/manual/en/function.register-shutdown-function.php

function shutdown()
    // This is our shutdown function, in 
    // here we can do any last operations
    // before the script is complete.

    echo 'Script executed with success', PHP_EOL;

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if you use OOP then you could put the code you want to execute on exit into the destructor of your class.

class example{
   function __destruct(){
      echo "Exiting";
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Your example is probably too simplistic, as it can easily be re-written as follows:

if($result1 = task1()) {
    $result2 = task2();


Perhaps you are trying to build flow-control like this:

do {
    $result1 = task1() or break;
    $result2 = task2() or break;
    $result3 = task3() or break;
    $result4 = task4() or break;
    // etc
} while(false);

You can also use a switch():

switch(false) {
case $result1 = task1(): break;
case $result2 = task2(): break;
case $result3 = task3(): break;
case $result4 = task4(): break;


Or in PHP 5.3 you can use goto:

if(!$result1 = task1()) goto common;
if(!$result2 = task2()) goto common;
if(!$result3 = task3()) goto common;
if(!$result4 = task4()) goto common;

echo "common code\n";
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