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Do any one of you know how to increase the brightness of the apple logo in cooca? I think it would be cool if my app could control that. Although you could increase the brightness of your screen that is not what I want, but what I want is just to increase the apple logo.

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This question makes me hungry. Too many food references. –  Kieveli Sep 17 '09 at 1:41

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Can't be done - see

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Ok, if that can't be done, how can I lower and increase the brightness? –  lab12 Sep 17 '09 at 0:57
You could poke around in the source of Magic Monitor - –  stuartd Sep 17 '09 at 1:10
Where can I download the source that isn't http? –  lab12 Sep 17 '09 at 2:25
Probably in the Source tab via the Subversion checkout url? –  cdespinosa Sep 17 '09 at 4:00

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