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There are a lot of topics how to read XLSX files and write to file and them work for me, but not for greek (just example) words. Excel looks like this:

srcid   city    county
00008   ΠΑΤΡΑ   ΑΧΑΪΑΣ
00008   ΠΑΤΡΑ   ΑΧΑΪΑΣ

When I read this, I get ???? where are cities and counties. I tried different example: ToCSV , XLSX2CSV

Something wrong with charset, but I dont know what. I updated examples with UTF-8 encoding, but no luck.

I am using this dependencies: org.apache.poi poi 3.9




Please help. I can't find out what is wrong. Maybe something this system encoding?

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ToCSV.saveCSVFile uses a FileWriter, which uses the default platform encoding. Instead do:

bw = new BufferedWriter(
        new FileOutputStreamWriter(new FileOutputStream(file), "UTF-8"));

(Then it is always UTF-8.)

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Thanks @Joop_Eggen for quick answer. This worked. I feel so stupid right now. Thank again. – Darka Jan 16 '13 at 16:30

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