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Pretty simple problem just never encountered it before.

Say I'm replacing address information in a set of test data I have with different values. Simple stuff except that in one case I have a capture group that is to be followed directly after by a number. e.g.

Regex - \d*(/?)\d (.*)
Text -  123 Main Street [should become] 72 Main Street
        1/3 Main Street [should become] 7/2 Main Street
Replace - 7$1B $2  <- works fine
          7$12 $2  <- tries to replace with group $12 rather than $1

Anyone know how to define these as separate without introducing any whitespace or other characters?

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You can try other substitutions like ${1} instead of $1

Substitutions in Regular Expressions should help you..

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Perfect, thanks –  Michael Allen Jan 16 '13 at 17:02

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