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Having the following class that is extended by other controllers

class Admin_Controller extends Base_Controller 
    static $admin_layout = 'admin.layouts.default';

    public function __construct()

        $role_object = User::find(Auth::user()->id)->roles()->get();
        $role = $role_object[0]->attributes['name'];

such as:

class Admin_Draws_Controller extends Admin_Controller
    public $restful = true;

    public function __construct()
                $this->layout = parent::$admin_layout;

    public function get_index()
        $view = View::make('admin.templates.draws');
        $this->layout->content = $view;

How can I send the $role variable to admin.layouts.default so I can have it when ever the view is loaded?

The point of "global" $role variable is to avoid to have to call it in all of my View::make() like the following:

$view = View::make('admin.templates.articles',
        'fields' => $fields,
        'data' => $results,
        'links' => $links,
                    'role' => 'role here'. // I don't want to add this where ever I call the View::make
$this->layout->content = $view;

and just do an echo $role like, in my header.blade.php

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I ended up doing the following, which works.


// Example of variable to set
$this->layout->body_class = 'user-register';

$view = View::make('modules.user.register', array(
    'success' => true,

$this->layout->content = $view;

My default.layout.php view

<body class="<?php echo isset($body_class) ? $body_class : '' ;?>">


    {{ $content }}


The variable, can be easily used in any other context within the view.

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