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i have this problem.

I have to implement an application that read data from a PostgreSql db. I can't modify the db, i can only read this.

There is a table that have some columns, but one of this is named "update".

When I try to read all the record from this table and print them into screen, the application tell me: "ActiveRecord::DangerousAttributeError in HomeController#index"

"update is defined by ActiveRecord"

How i can rename the column in the application/model? (I can't modify the db) What's the better solution to solve this problem?

Thanks and regards


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You can use the rails virtual attributes.

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
  def full_name
    [first_name, last_name].join(' ')

  def full_name=(name)
    split = name.split(' ', 2)
    self.first_name = split.first
    self.last_name = split.last

then you can use full_name as a model attribute.

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