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I'm using _ast to do some code analysis and have run into an issue with getting the name of an imported function.
Suppose my code file ( looks like this:

import somemod
def foo():

When I get the ast for this file with root = compile(open('').read(), '', 'exec', _ast.PyCF_ONLY_AST), I can get the line calling like this:


This is an _ast.Expr node.
I then expect to be able to get by looking into this node. However, when I look at root.body[1].body[0], I get somemod. As far as I can tell, I can't find a way to get bar or

What am I missing? How can I get at the bar?

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It's in value.func.attr:

>>> root = compile(open('').read(), '', 'exec', _ast.PyCF_ONLY_AST)
>>> root.body[1].body[0].value.func
<_ast.Attribute object at 0x9703acc>
>>> f = root.body[1].body[0].value.func
>>> vars(f)
{'col_offset': 4, 'ctx': <_ast.Load object at 0xb6e2c6cc>, 'attr': 'bar', 'value': <_ast.Name object at 0x9703a8c>, 'lineno': 3}
>>> f.attr
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Ahh! thank you so much. This was driving me crazy. PS: Thanks for vars (didn't know about that before) – inspectorG4dget Jan 16 '13 at 17:18

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