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I have following PowerShell script:

cmd /c script1.bat
cmd /c script2.bat

script1.bat at the end of execution have "pause" command, so the execution of my PS script stops.

How can send any key cmd.exe to avoid stopping script execution? NOTE: I can't change batch scripts - they are 3rd party.

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why not convert it all to Powershell and leave the .bat files in the 1980s? – D3vtr0n Jan 16 '13 at 20:15
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You can pipe input to the program (cmd.exe) like this:

"X" | cmd /c script1.bat

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You could put an empty file called pause.bat in the same directory. Then it would do nothing instead of pause.

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The batch scripts may be 3rd party, but surely you can just a copy/backup and edit the content to remove the PAUSE command?

I sometimes put a PAUSE in if I am testing something and don't want the window to close, but otherwise I can't think of a good reason to keep that in.

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