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There is a good answer for reloading the Grails Bootstrap in Reloading bootstrap with Grails

But I have environments defined in my init closure and so I get the error:

groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: BootStrap.environments() is applicable for argument types: (BootStrap$_closure1_closure3) values: [BootStrap$_closure1_closure3@19ad0326]

Bootstrap code is basically the spring-security domain classes for role, user, user_role

import org.mine.*

class BootStrap
    def init =
    { servletContext ->
            def adminRole = new DummyRole(authority: 'ROLE_ADMIN').save(flush: true)
            def userRole = new DummyRole(authority: 'ROLE_USER').save(flush: true)

            def user = new DummyUser(username: 'user1', email_address: 'user1@mine.org', enabled: true, password: 'password')
            def user1 = new DummyUser(username: 'user2', email_address: 'user2@mine.org', enabled: true, password: 'password')
            def user2 = new DummyUser(username: 'user3', email_address: 'user3@mine.org', enabled: true, password: 'password')

            user.save(flush: true)
            user1.save(flush: true)
            user2.save(flush: true)

            DummyUserDummyRole.create manager, adminRole, true
            DummyUserDummyRole.create user, userRole, true
            DummyUserDummyRole.create user1, userRole, true
            DummyUserDummyRole.create user2, userRole, true

            assert DummyUser.count() >= 9
            assert DummyRole.count() >= 10
            assert DummyUserDummyRole.count() >= 9

        }   // end-development
        test {

            // bootstrap data for test environment

        production {

            // bootstrap data for production environment


    def destroy =
            // code here
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Can you post your bootstrap code? –  Sérgio Michels Jan 16 '13 at 18:17

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This works for me:

def servletCtx = org.codehaus.groovy.grails.web.context.ServletContextHolder.servletContext
def myBootstrapArtefact = grailsApplication.getArtefacts('Bootstrap')[-1]
BootStrap.metaClass.environments = grails.util.Environment.&executeForCurrentEnvironment

Lovingly copied (and then modified) from the answer you referenced :-)

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