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On my website's homepage I have a slider and a fancybox working side by side.

It seems to be working fine, but as soons as one opens a fancybox the slides of the slider are messed up. I tried using jquery.noconflict everywhere, even tried to reset the slider with an onClosed function for the fancybox. Unfortunately this all didn't help me...

I really hope one of you can help me with this issue.


Replaced the Jquery, but unfortunately the slides are still messy

I am currently trying the onClosed events for fancybox to pause (and resume) the slideshow. The code isn't working and I don't know why... I've also test it with a button <button data-cycle-cmd="pause">Pause</button> which did the trick. Any ideas why the function is not working or calling?

EDIT EXTRA; I put the html codes from the site underneath:

Slider div:

<div class="cycloneslider cycloneslider-template-default" id="cycloneslider-slideshow1-1" style="max-width:657px">
<div class="cycloneslider-slides cycle-slideshow" data-cycle-slides=">
 div" data-cycle-auto-height="657:359"
data-cycle-pager="#cycloneslider-slideshow1-1 .cycloneslider-pager" 
data-cycle-prev="#cycloneslider-slideshow1-1 .cycloneslider-prev" 
data-cycle-next="#cycloneslider-slideshow1-1 .cycloneslider-next" 
<div class="cycloneslider-slide" > 
(sources of) img1, img2, img3

Tried but failed:


$('#cycloneslider-slideshow1-1 .cycle-slideshow').cycle('pause');

$('.cycle-slideshow', window.parent.document).cycle('pause');
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first check stackoverflow.com/q/14344289/1055987 since you are using http://code.jquery.com/jquery-latest.js – JFK Jan 16 '13 at 16:50
Could you please provide the HTML where the problem is caused? – Claudio Ludovico Panetta Jan 18 '13 at 14:41
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There is some type of a jquery conflict in your code. Try this:


Instead of

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Totally worked! thank you big time. – user1984409 Jan 20 '13 at 15:55

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