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I am trying to wrap my head around Python, while my brain works for Java and Scala, so please excuse if this question is ill-formulated.

I have managed to setup NetBeans 6.9 with Python 2.7 on OS X. I can compile and run my project, fine.

Now what I want is something equivalent to sbt's console command. I want to launch the Python REPL with my project on the classpath, so that basically I can interactively call into my custom functions and classes.

There is Window -> PythonConsole, but that launches some Python (or Jython?) 2.5 instead, and my modules don't seem to be in the namespace.

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I had a similar problem.

Go tools->python platforms and set the default platform to python 2.7. This should cause window->pythonConsole to launch the correct version of python.

As for then being able to import your custom modules... that's the problem I'm currently having too.

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