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In bash file, I can write this:

my_program << EOF
Some test
More test
A lot of multi-line text

This will launch my_program executable and pass three lines of text (or more) to it through a pipe.

Now I want to so same in Makefile (GNU make). I've found no standard solution and it's solved like this:

    echo -en "Some test\\nMore test\\nA lot of multi-line text\\n" | my_program

But this look very ugly. Is there more fine solution?

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Yes, that is ugly, but there’s not much you can do about it. make executes each line as its own shell script, unless the line ends with a \ continuation character; but then the newline is stripped. This is a little bit cleaner, and about the best you can do:


    echo -e 'hi\n\
    you' | cat

I’ve included the SHELL=/bin/bash line to force a specific echo command, because every shell and every /bin/echo command all tend to accept slightly different command-line options, or no command-line options at all.

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