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I'm fairly new at Java, so I apologize for my lack of a large amount of the subject matter at this point. I'm attempting to code an html parser which analyzes and returns data from the elements from this URL:

I keep getting this error message when I run the program:

Exception in thread "main" src/product.txt`: (No such file or directory)
    at Method)
    at org.jsoup.helper.DataUtil.load(
    at org.jsoup.Jsoup.parse(
    at ParserPractice2.main(

My current code looks like this:

import org.jsoup.Jsoup;
import org.jsoup.nodes.Document;
import org.jsoup.nodes.Element;
import org.jsoup.parser.*;
public class ParserPractice2 {

    public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException {

        File input = new File ("src/product.txt`:");

        Document doc = Jsoup.parse(input, "UTF-8", "");

        Element content = doc.getElementById("bodyContent");

Any help/feedback would be greatly appreciated by this noobie =)Thanks!
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Do you know what that error means? – Waleed Khan Jan 16 '13 at 17:28

This file doesn't exist:

new File ("src/product.txt`:");

Perhaps you meant "src/product.txt"?

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