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I was wondering how i could use regex to create a span element when the text ^1 was found and group the text after that and enclose it in the created span element

The idea is that you have a chatbox and when ever someone submits a message for example like this: (without not having any significance)

" ^1Hello there ^3hows it goin.. "

would output as "Hello there" <- would be in red color "hows it goin.." <- would be in green color

The codes would be:

  • ^1 - Red
  • ^2 - black
  • ^3 - green
  • ^4 - yellow
  • ^5 - blue
  • ^6 - lightblue
  • ^7 - purple
  • ^8 - dark green
  • ^9 - grey
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What have you tried? This isn't a site for asking for ready-made solutions to your problems, you're expected to attempt to solve the problem yourself, and post your attempt. –  meagar Jan 16 '13 at 17:39
Personally I wouldn't use RegEx for this. Gets too messy having to worry about closing existing spans, replacing each numeric value with the appropriate color, and will be a nightmare to maintain. Just parse by hand. –  Mike Christensen Jan 16 '13 at 17:46
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yes you can use a regular expression. for example:


this matches a number preceded by a caret and anything after it until a new caret is found.

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