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How do I list the lines that contains the matches from the "find" command ? ie., I would like to list all the matching lines in a separate window. Currently one can only goto next / previous 'find'.

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Try 'Find in Files' (Cmd+Shift+F on a Mac, presumably Ctrl+Shift+F on a PC).

Specifying <open files> in the Where field will only search open files. Search results will display in a new tab, and you can double-click any result to jump to that line in the matching file.

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That is what I was looking for, thanks. But Sublime also copies some lines to the Find Results buffer that does not match my search along with the lines that does, I think for context. Is there any settings that give me only the lines that match and none of the others lines? Thanks in advance. – Ither Jan 20 '13 at 4:57
@Ither yes, the 'Show Context' button on the left of the Find All panel (the icon is 3 horizontal lines) will toggle that setting. – Sara Jan 21 '13 at 17:08

1.Here is a reference: How can I filter a file for lines containing a string in Sublime Text 2?

  • Hit Ctrl+F(⌘+F) to "Find All" occurences;
  • Hit Ctrl+L to Expand All Selection to Line.
  • Then you can Ctrl+C(⌘+C) or Ctrl+Shift+K(⌃+⇧+K) to copy/delete the lines.

2.There's now a plugin for filtering lines: It allows filtering and code folding based on strings or regular expressions. filterlines plugin:Edit->Line->Filter

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