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Considering the following QAbstractItemModel subclass:

class MyItemModel : public QAbstractItemModel {
    virtual int rowCount(const QModelIndex& parentIdx = QModelIndex()) const override;

And a simple QDockWidget for displaying a QTreeView

class DockWidget : public QDockWidget {
    DockWidget() {
         view = new QTreeView();
    QTreeView *view;

If I call DockWidget constructor on Windows MyItemModel::rowCount() is being called. If I use this code on Linux, MyItemModel::rowCount() isn't being called. Is this correct?

I suspect that Qt for Windows has something that trigger rowCount() when QDockWidget::setWidget() is called and this is not necessary on Linux. But it is just a guess.

Qt version 4.8.3,
Windows 7 64 bits,
Ubuntu both 32 and 64bits

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