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How to set, clear, toggle and check a bit in JavaScript?

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To get a bit mask:

var mask = 1 << 5; // gets the 6th bit

To test if a bit is set:

if ((n & mask) != 0) {
  // bit is set
} else {
  // bit is not set

To set a bit:

n |= mask;

To clear a bit:

n &= ~mask;

To toggle a bit:

n ^= mask;

Refer to the Javascript bitwise operators.

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i found this question with google. i want to add some some things (with thanks to @cletus)

function bit_test(num,bit){
    return ((num>>bit) % 2 != 0)

function bit_set(num,bit){
    return num | 1<<bit;

function bit_clear(num,bit){
    return num & ~(1<<bit);

function bit_toggle(num,bit){
    return bit_test(num,bit)?bit_clear(num,bit):bit_set(num,bit);
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Use ^ exclusive or operator.

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