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I am creating a sample app to exercise with the FB Graph API using Javascript.

What I want to do is, let the user add a text entry on a diary, and attach an image. I'd store the text entry on my server, and post the image (or multiple images) on the default app photo album.

But, I don't want all my app pictures to be grouped together, I'd like to categorize them.

I.e. I want to post entries about my garden, and an album for every tree / flower I have. Do you know if (and if so, how) can I create a sub-album inside by app album?

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There is no such 'sub album' functionality, but there's no reason your app can't create different albums via the regular API and use those for the uploads

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Ok, so instead of using the default application album, which has no current limit on the # of photos I can post into, I should use regular albums, limited to 200 photos each. Maybe when an album is filled up I can move the old photos to the default application album, or just avoid complexity and create a new album with the month name, like "Geraniums January 2012. I just wonder what would be best and less invasive for a user that may add lots of photos (say 10 per day). – devtoolslab Jan 17 '13 at 6:21

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