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Using the Spock (0.7) Grails (2.1.2) plugin you can write integration specifications that automatically inject Grails archetypes (like services). However, I would like to do the same thing for Spring beans declared only in my resources.groovy. For example:

beans = {
    simpleBean(SimpleBean) {
        // load some dependencies

Where SimpleBean is declared in the src/groovy folder. If this were a Grails service, I could write something like the following in my test/integration folder::

import grails.plugin.spock.IntegrationSpec

class SimpleBeanSpec extends IntegrationSpec {

    def simpleBean

    def "should"() {
            data = simpleBean.load()
            assert simpleBean


But the above throws a NullPointerException on the call to simpleBean.load(). Is there some way to get Spock/Grails to create the the simpleBean dependency so that it has all the configured depdencies from resources.groovy as you would a Grails service?

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Grails automatically injects all beans into integration tests, including Spock tests. Beans declared in resources.conf should work the same as artefacts. Are your IntegrationSpecs located under test/integration?

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The tests are in test/integration, I'll update the question to reflect that but this is definitely not working on my install of Grails. – Ricardo Gladwell Jan 17 '13 at 10:50

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