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I've been researching weather I can append bytes of mp4 within a netstream. It seems that there several options which i'm not sure if any of them work 1)osmf HTTPNetStream - http://sourceforge.net/adobe/osmf/svn/2487/tree/osmf/trunk/framework/OSMF/org/osmf/net/httpstreaming/HTTPNetStream.as#l191

2)flowplayer psuedoNetStream which apparently require server side manipulation. http://flash.flowplayer.org/demos/plugins/streaming/mp4-pseudostreaming.html

I want it to be client side based i.e i will get the bytesarray from the server my own. I just want to find a way using appendbytes to append it. I know appendbytes maybe supports only flv but there might be a way to manipulate that using FLVtag. I'm really not sure how it should be done. another problem might be the parsing the metadata of the mp4 as i think i need to know how to append the fragments of the mp4.

I would appreciate any help here.

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