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I have a class:

.grid_1, .grid_2, .grid_3, .grid_4, .grid_5, .grid_6, .grid_7, .grid_8, .grid_9, .grid_10, .grid_11, .grid_12, .grid_13, .grid_14, .grid_15, .grid_16 {
 display: inline;
 float: left;
 margin-left: 10px;
 margin-right: 10px;

Now i say that want to change display: inline;->display: block; and float: left;->float: none; foe one element;

I create another class:


And i html i say:

<header id="banner" role="banner" class="grid_12 logonormal">

But i not see logonormal in firefox. What im doing wrong?

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It's hard to say without a test case that reproduces your problem. – feeela Jan 16 '13 at 18:56
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Make sure the .logonormal class is defined somewhere after the .grid_12 class in your CSS files. Since the selectors have the same precedence, this is the deciding factor.

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In either case he should see the selector in the inspector – if the CSS file was reloaded properly and the selector really exists. – feeela Jan 16 '13 at 18:48
@Kolink: im sure that .logonormal defined after .grid_12 becouse css file which contain class .grid_12 append early that file contains class .logonormal. – Kliver Max Jan 16 '13 at 18:54

If you've followed Kolink's suggestion already (the order of the css selectors), then perhaps you can increase the specificity of your css declaration.

Something like this maybe?

 header.logonormal {

Good luck.

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