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I'm trying to make a function that puts some elements in a select list if these elements are not in it already. My header is set for an ISO encoding, but if my "subject" contains a currency symbol such as "€", I get a question mark "?" instead of it in the list.

Here's my code:

            $.each(subjects, function(key, subject) 
            if (select.find('option[value=\"' + subject + '\"]').length === 0 && subject!="") 
                /*if (selectList == "produitcartesien")
                 //Ajouter la nouvelle catégorie dans la liste
                   $('<option>', {
                     value: subject,
                     text: subject

                 if (colored==true && !(selectionOf("subjectslist")=="" && selectionOf("relationslist")=="" && selectionOf("complementslist")==""
                         && selectionOf("subjectCategories")=="" && selectionOf("complementcategories")==""))

                         $('#' + selectList + ' option[value="'+ subject +'"]').css('color', 'red');

I tried

value: encodeURIComponent(subject);
text: encodeURIComponent(subject);

But it displays the subjects with awkward characters such as 2%2C3F... What can I do to display my string with the currency symbols? Thank you in advance.

Edit: Sorry, the problem described above was wrong. My variable was already set with the question mark before. Here's the real question, that remains unanswered at this time: Use encodeURIComponent with JSP

If someone can help... Thank you.

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Be sure you saved your file in the matching ISO format also. By the way, those "awkward characters" are URL encoding (percent-encoding) –  Alexander Jan 16 '13 at 18:55

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have you tried using:

value: decodeURIComponent("50 %E2%82%AC");
text: decodeURIComponent("50 %E2%82%AC");

The results will be "50 €"

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The problem is, my value is not a constant, but a variable. In my example, the value is 2,38€, but it could be some other amount or currency... Your answer inspired me to try decodeURIComponent(encodeURIComponent(subject)) but it didn't work either... –  user1881815 Jan 16 '13 at 19:08

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