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Is it possible to use Handlebars with objects that have numeric keys?

For example:

var str = "<div>{{apples}}</div>",
    tmpl = Handlebars.compile(str);

tmpl({apples: "works!"}); // returns "<div>works!</div>"

Works great, but

var str = "<div>{{4}}</div>",
    tmpl = Handlebars.compile(str);

tmpl({4: "works!"}); 
// returns Error: Parse error on line 1: <div>{{4}}</div> -------^ Expecting 'DATA', 'ID', got 'INTEGER'

I was unable to find any references to this when searching, and I have not yet explored the source code.

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So after looking around further, I found I needed to wrap the number in square brackets, like:


Here's a link to a semi-relevant SO question handlebars access array item

The above link refers to accessing array items, but the answer gave me the idea to try wrapping the numeric path in square brackets.

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As an aside: the Handlebars author calls those brackets the segment-literal syntax, to refer to actual identifiers (not index numbers) that would otherwise be invalid. More details in What is a valid identifier? –  Arjan Apr 28 '13 at 10:39
Nice! Works with Meteor JS Blaze templates too, as I just found out thanks to this. –  DeBraid Aug 22 '14 at 18:52

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