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I'm currently running the sample code by reed the code found here.

The sample for the train text file for images is in this format:

1 myName /sdcard/FaceDB/s1/myName1.jpg
1 myName /sdcard/FaceDB/s1/myName2.jpg
1 myName /sdcard/FaceDB/s1/myName3.jpg
1 myName /sdcard/FaceDB/s1/myName4.jpg
2 otherName /sdcard/FaceDB/s2/otherName1.jpg
2 otherName /sdcard/FaceDB/s2/otherName2.jpg
2 otherName /sdcard/FaceDB/s2/otherName3.jpg
2 otherName /sdcard/FaceDB/s2/otherName4.jpg

I am wondering how this is done, and what is the explanation behind this?

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I would like to point you to this article which does explain everything you want to know. The code is in C/C++, but I hope it is not too difficult to follow.

The file just follows this format:

<person no.> <person name> <location of the the person's face image>

You can actually create your own format. It is about your design on how your program can find and read those input images.

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thank you, but i want to know what is the result of the face recognition, based on the code how should i know the result if the recognition is succesful? – Pogs D Best Jan 17 '13 at 9:52
Sorry if I misunderstand your question here. From the code, it will write the results to the log file like Search for 'nearest ='; the number after this string is the person no. in the training data that best matches with the test image. – zkan Jan 17 '13 at 10:10
thanks , but the nearest always returns one of the train image number , even if the the picture i try to recognize is not among them. how should i know if the person is not on the training images? – Pogs D Best Jan 17 '13 at 20:20
@PogsDBest, have you ever found the solution for the nearest?? I'm having the same problem.. – Khawar Jan 30 '13 at 7:47

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