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Is there a way to have the names shown when use plot3d(rgl) in R to build a 3d graph, cause it's hard to locate which entry the sphere belongs to when I have many spheres to plot on the same coordinate. For example, I have the data:

    x   y   z
A   0.1 -0.5    3.2
B   -1.1    1.2 0.8
C   2.0 2.1 0.6


But, I want to have the name A, B, C shown on the graph as it's easier to observe. Or to have the name shown only when I put the mouse onto one specific sphere. I have tried to use different colors, but when I have like 20 spheres, it seems it will run out of colors or colors are too close to distinguish.

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There is a function text3d() in library rgl that can be used to plot texts inside plot. This example shows how to plot row names as texts.

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