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I'm trying to use the MPMediaItemCollection count property to sort the items in an array. When I try to sort an array with this NSUInteger property, and it doesn't work. When I try to print it (NSLog(@"%lx",count);) it doesn't print correctly.

How do I get the NSUInteger to work correctly?

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Maybe this will help. This works for me using MPMediaCollection:

[everything setGroupingType: MPMediaGroupingGenre];
NSArray *genreLists = [everything collections];

for (MPMediaItemCollection *genreList in genreLists) {
	NSLog (@"count: %d", [genreList count]);
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This works. I figured out that there is a bug when the grouping type is set to album instead of genre. –  spin-docta Sep 18 '09 at 2:37

Try using this statement: I use it and it prints out just find for me


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