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Any perl expert can help me to understand this block of perl code

$mtk = {
    'A'     => [$a, $b],
     'M'   => [$c, $d]


is this dictionary hold char and pair and how to access key and values thanks a lot

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Reading about Perl data structures, should help you as well. – Craig Treptow Jan 16 '13 at 19:36
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$a, $b, $c, and $d are scalars. $mtk is a reference to a hash of arrayrefs. You can access it like:

print $mtk->{A}[0]; ## 18

I'd suggest the book Learning Perl if you are just getting started and struggling with this code.

perldoc perlreftut

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This is a hash ref for array refs as values. Here is a traverse code below:

for my $key (sort keys %$mtk) {
    print "Current key is $key\n";
    for my $val (@{ $mtk->{$key} }) {
        print "... and one of value is $val\n";

The output will be

Current key is A
... and one of value is 18
... and one of value is 55
Current key is M
... and one of value is 16
... and one of value is 88
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