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I have gotten the latest QWT 5.1.2 for QT 4.5 and managed to get it to complie. I am now trying to get the plugin to work in QT Designer (with VS intergration). I have placed the plugin files into the plugin/designer folder, but when attempting to load, I hit this error

Cannot load library qwt_desginer_plugin5.dll: The specified module cannot be found.

I've done some search on this issue, one page which suggest moving the plugin to the VS intergration folder - which does not exist for Program Files\Nokia\Vs4Addin.

My QT Designer is a debug-and-relase build. (That is, if I use a debug build of the plugin it would complain that it is expecting a release).

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qwt_designer_plugin5.dll depends on qwt5.dll, so:

Additionally to placing "qwt_desginer_plugin5.dll" in "plugins\designer" directory, you must put qwt5.dll to some place where windows loader can find it (at example, you can put it in "%QTDIR%\bin" directory)

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It appears that I have to place the generated dll into the qt\bin folder for the designer to load the plugin

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You may place it everywhere in the PATH. Also the same dir as the executable program works. You can see how dll libraries are loaded.

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